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Don't Wait: Why You Need To Have Your Dog Neutered

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Pet ownership is a big responsibility. One of the biggest responsibilities includes the decision to spay or neuter your pet. You may think that it's best to leave your pets reproductive system intact. That's not the case though. There are a lot of reasons why reproductive surgery is the best option for your pet. If you have a male dog, talk to your veterinarian about reproductive surgery. Here are four reasons you need to have your dog neutered. 

Avoid the Embarrassment

It's not unusual for male dogs to act out when they're feeling amorous. But, if a female dog isn't available, male dogs may act out on anything that's available. Unfortunately, that's often a human leg. If you're tired of watching your dog act out on your guest's legs when they enter the house, take action. It's time for reproductive surgery. Neutering eliminates sexual urges. That means your dog will no longer attach itself to the closest leg. 

Protect Your Furniture

If you have a male dog that's intact, you need to worry about your furniture. Male dogs mark their territory to keep the competition away. That means your dog will urinate on your furniture and curtains. That leaves your home smelling like urine. When your dog goes outside, it will mark all your plants. Unfortunately, some plants die when exposed to dog urine. Protect your furniture and your plants. Have your dog neutered as soon as possible. 

Reduce Health Risks

If your male dog isn't neutered yet, it could be at risk for health problems. Neutering protects your dog from health problems that can shorten its life. 


You might not realize this, but male dogs are at risk for testicular cancer. When your dog gets neutered, the veterinarian removes the testicles. That process eliminates the risk for cancer. 

Prostate Trouble

Prostate trouble is another problem that can affect male dogs. Prostate enlargement increases the risk for prostatitis. This condition usually affects older dogs. Neutering your dog while it's young will reduce the risk of prostatitis. 

Calm Aggressive Behavior

Finally, if you have a male dog, you want to avoid aggressive behavior. One way to do that is to have your dog neutered while it's still young. Dogs tend to act in an aggressive manner when they want to mate. This is especially true when other male dogs are present. Neutering helps ease aggressive behavior. 

Avoid the problems. If you haven't had your dog neutered, now's the time to take care of that. For questions or concerns about the procedure, talk to a veterinarian near you.