How Veterinarians Support Our Pets

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Protecting Your Furry Friends: The Importance of Pet Vaccinations

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As pet owners, you want nothing but the best for your furry friend. They bring you joy, comfort, and unconditional love, and you do everything in your power to keep them happy and healthy. One of the most important ways you can accomplish this is by ensuring your pet remains up-to-date on their vaccinations. Pet vaccinations are crucial in preventing the spread of serious, sometimes fatal, diseases that can affect your pet’s health, as well as your own. Read More»

Things That Can Damage Your Pet's Teeth

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Dental hygiene is extremely important for both humans and pets. Just like with people, neglecting your pet’s teeth can lead to a lot of serious health problems down the road. Here are two things that are particularly harmful to your pet’s teeth. Sugary Treats  Pets love treats, and there’s no denying that sugary snacks can be a real treat for them. However, like humans, pets can suffer from tooth decay and gum disease if they consume too much sugar. Read More»

What Health Benefits Does Spaying Have For Female Cats?

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One of the reasons why vets recommend spaying female cats is because it is healthier for them. Many pet owners simply accept this and will get their cat spayed. But if you’re a more inquisitive cat owner, you may wonder exactly what health benefits come with spaying. Here are the four key reasons to be aware of. Eliminated Risk of Uterine and Ovarian Cancers The spaying procedure removes the ovaries and uterus, so of course, a female cat who has been spayed cannot develop cancer in these organs. Read More»

Don't Wait: Why You Need To Have Your Dog Neutered

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Pet ownership is a big responsibility. One of the biggest responsibilities includes the decision to spay or neuter your pet. You may think that it’s best to leave your pets reproductive system intact. That’s not the case though. There are a lot of reasons why reproductive surgery is the best option for your pet. If you have a male dog, talk to your veterinarian about reproductive surgery. Here are four reasons you need to have your dog neutered. Read More»